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Hello. Aloha. Bonjour. Hola.

Thank you for being here friend. 

I created this space with the intention to connect with and call in all the storytellers, learners, and adventurers of the world. The ones that know there's magic in this world, and that this magic is better shared with others: the magic that is love. For one another, no matter where we are from. 

I am happy to have grown up in Harlem, New York City. To have been born to Ivorian parents who set the tone for my roots. And to have finally found my forever home in Maui, Hawaii. 

My diverse childhood foundation is what inspires my desire to travel, learn from other cultures, connect with others from different worlds, and cultivate a deeper understanding/larger perspective between us all. 

I truly believe in unifying the world through telling a story. Humans are connected to one another through the stories we share and relate to. The ones we find common ground on, and even the ones we disagree with all play a part in connecting the dots to our bigger story: Oneness.

Through film, art, and writing, I share my journey in the hopes that I may inspire connection, love, and inspiration with all who come across my page. Welcome to my page!

-Etiange D



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