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Ancestral Healing: Waking Up from Autopilot

Geez. This one hit me hard.

This week, I've stumbled across the intricate subject of ancestral healing. Following my previous post (Trusting in Your Process: Embrace the Unfolding of Your Specific Timeline), I truly feel this week had unlocked something within me that, had I not been able to trust myself and who I am becoming, I would not have recognized.

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves. The stories about how love is supposed to be, who we are supposed to be in life, what we are supposed to achieve. Where we're supposed to go. What's accepted and what isn't. I often wonder about who made these rules and why. For a time maybe, it worked in the favor of getting everyone on the same page. In a time where individuality in relation to the group is seemingly becoming more relevant (Age of Aquarius), we are coming to the fact that it's in our uniqueness that we are able to best support the whole. Not in our conformity.

There of course are common realities and view points in which we will operate from, always. We all belong somewhere in the world. Whether we have found our space of belonging depends on our individual journeys. While we may believe in a similar reality, it doesn't mean we will approach it in similar ways.

One of these vehicles of differentiation is our ancestral line.

I find it strange that with all this separation and divide in the world based on race, color, socioeconomic/economic circumstance, political party, etc. there are still common stories that we all know and can relate to. A fight for who's right, for control, for domination. I find it strange that there is a fight for who is more superior than the other when science, religion, and truth all recognize a common story: we all derive from one place. Differentiated into clans, tribes, regions, religions, races, ancestral lines. Made to approach similar stories in different ways.

Yes, not everything is for everyone. No we all don't look alike, sound the same, or like the same things. We all have different preferences, wants, and needs. But how many of those preferences, wants, and needs can we say are our OWN? Are we choosing them because of what we've experienced in the present, or are we repeating a pattern that has been carried for generations by the stories and memories stored in our ancestral lines? And if we are doing the latter, how do we recognize that we are doing so and create a new and improved storyline that will positively influence future generations come?

Popular terms/phrases I've been seeing or hearing these days:

  • Generational/Ancestral trauma

  • Generational/Ancestral healing

  • Shadow Work

  • Inner Child Healing

A child is born without knowing what the world is going to look like, and how to navigate it. They are just born as a vehicle of nature. Spirit. Children are born pure, innocent, and vulnerable. The references a child will have of how to navigate the world falls on the first two models: the mother, and the father. However the mother or father has been taught to navigate the world, will ultimately be passed on to the child, as well as who they surround their children with. Not only will their energies be infused into the child, but the energies of their grandmothers and grandfathers. And so on, as that is how the dynamic of family continues to be carried on. When do we acknowledge that we carry more than just the energy of our parents, but our ancestors before them?

Does acknowledging how the past plays a vital part in our present, help to possibly create a better future? Have we as a society, been prioritizing the wrong things when it comes to community, family, and self? I don't know all the answers, however in my own personal journey as well as in the journeys of souls I have been blessed to come across, I'm noticing a generational pattern-breaking trend. What is the purpose of this immense awareness regarding our personal/family stories? How do we use the patterns of the past to break a cycle and create a future based on new, healthier values? Will prioritizing proper self-development, health, and wellness in our families, communities, and societies create a better world? Only time will tell.

A big question indeed.

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