• Etiange D.

Don't Ever Blast Loud Music While You're Gardening

There's a moment for noise and a moment for silence. I felt that today as I went out to pull weeds from my garden and prune my plants.

To the language and dialogue we have with God/Source. When I acknowledged that I brought the wrong tools to the party and removed my headphones to just sit and listen to the sounds surrounding me, I instantly felt more whole and conscious to that specific moment. I felt like my plants and I were kiki-ing lol!

Embodying the present moment is simply connecting to your inner channels in that moment. It allows for action that is in alignment with what is going on in the world or energies around us. Clarity, Insight, Wisdom. Today is Wisdom Wednesday! I will talk about it in depth in another post, but each day of the week has a ruling planet. Today's ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication, wisdom, commerce, education, trade. Wednesdays are usually great days for conversation and reception of ideas, or new insights into situations in our lives. Depending on what you're embodying in that moment, either talking to someone you feel called to or spending time alone just listening and receiving can really do wonders to utilizing the magic found in everyday life. Just like you're having a conversation with someone, and there's a time for you to speak as well as a time for you to stop talking and listen.

Sometimes, the moment calls for music, and you receive insight in that sense. It even calls for a specific genre of music at times too. Sometimes, the silence already present is loud enough for you to receive. It's a conversation with the Universe. With YOUR Universe. We have this powerfully strong connection to a well of wisdom that can be implemented in all our decisions we make in this life. Practice listening to the moment and trust the insights that present itself.

As I move deeper into reconnecting to the nature of myself, I find these simple things become amplified. My plants were not vibing with the bass on that thing, respectfully.

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