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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: My Observations

If you tend to place a negative connotation on this transit every time it comes around... you aren't utilizing the silent power of Mercury Retrogrades.

I most definitely felt this transit in a part of my chart that is hidden from me, I would say, about 95% of the time. Within these past 3 weeks I got a chance to really observe and take note of how the Gemini energy plays itself out in my chart.

In my tropical birth chart, Gemini falls into my 12th house. The 12th house rules the subconscious, unseen, hidden elements of ourselves that we may take part in everyday without realizing how much of an impact it carries within us. The subconscious plays a tremendous role in what we are doing with our conscious, so the more we get familiar with the themes of our subconscious, the more we can integrate ourselves as a whole.

In my Vedic birth chart, Gemini lies in my 1st house. The 1st house rules the persona, 'I Am', the shell of my being, the first impression, my presentation to the world. I think I will make a blog post later exploring the differences between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology to elaborate on why I am mentioning both, however here's a quick explanation:

  • I consider Western astrology to be the seed, and Vedic astrology to be the flower. We start off with our western charts, and evolve into our Vedic charts.

  • I prefer Vedic astrology because not only is it ancient knowledge (thousands of years old compared to western which is only hundreds of years old), it is meant to be learned alongside many other spiritual healing texts. I like the idea that this language is sort of based in divinity and faith, rather than just another thing to be learned. It's felt. Like a remembering.

  • I find it interesting that most likely, in your Tropical Chart, the sign you have in your 12th house will probably be the sign you have in your first house Vedic Chart. (So if you are a Capricorn rising in your Tropical Chart, you may have a Sagittarius 12th house. In Your Vedic Chart you might have a Sagittarius rising)

  • Hence the evolutionary aspect. The energy playing out in your subconscious is actually the nature of who you are too. It's not meant to be ignored but rather utilized in a way that, when applied, can help you expand tremendously and also allow for more authenticity and fulfillment.

Observing the retrograde moving through my 12th house was like me having a mini identity crisis. Gemini is a curious fellow, always doing things because of the what ifs and the maybes rather than the pursuit of purpose. Having my own Mercury in Sagittarius, this creates a lot of confusion and friction because Sagittarius is all about higher meaning, purpose and the pursuit of higher education/elevation/evolution. I feel a lot of this energy showing up as trying to pick up different hobbies/career paths yet spreading myself too thin because I let my curiosities get the best of me, rather than creating a foundation and space for my curiosities to roam free within one focus. I visually observed myself getting confused about what I'm doing these past 3 weeks, as well as a lot of heavy subconscious patterns popping up for reviewing.

Retrogrades are moments for silent reflection and detached observation. If used correctly, you can really squeeze out vital information that can be helpful towards your own self development. I have to say, I love retrogrades at times because they really mean business. Over time, as I become more familiar with astrology, I recognize how understanding the roles that the planets partake in your life really do help with radical acceptance.

Wanna find out where Gemini is placed in your chart? You can do free birth charts at websites such as:

Hope y'all are holding out this retrograde! Mahalo <3

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