• Etiange D.

Psst... It's In How You Respond

What exactly are your intentions? I think we get lost behind a lot of thinking. At least I do.

So many POSSIBILITIES of how things can play out. In a search for wanting to find something to hold on to. We create stories to sink our teeth into because of this need to feel in control. But, we only do that because we don't recognize that we already are in control.

You know how they say... "Be the change you want to see"

We have to be the change... we have to embody it. Because then, you see, that's walking with intention.

We also have to discern what's right for us.

We have these experiences we go through in our lives that shape whom we are. These occurrences that seem to either uplift us or challenge us... but how the story is told, is entirely up to us. Traumas, memories. Blessings or curses.

Now that can be a bit binary, as everyone has their own complexities in their own story, and a truck-load of emotions to go along with it. But as we reflect on each moment, and connect some dots, we might see that if we hadn't gone through a certain situation, we would not have become the person whom we are today. Now, who we are today, is up to us.

Who do we want to be? And is it aligned with who we truly are in our heart?

Do we want to be someone who is burdened by the same stories of the past, or someone who choses to acknowledge what happened can be taken in, understood, and then released?

Released so that you can create what you do want.

If we didn't want what happened to ourselves, to happen to anyone else, then we better make sure we don't treat anyone else that way. We make sure we are only carrying what we do want when we move, okay?



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