• Etiange D.

Temporary Teacher, Forever Student

Have you ever had a moment in time where you’ve felt totally on top of the world, things were going swell and your chariot was moving along swimmingly? Then, out of nowhere, that loose bolt you ignored yesterday decides to pop out and the whole chariot blasts apart, leaving you with scrapes, bruises and wondering what the heck happened? 😂

A metaphor for the humbling nature of the Universe. I often find it funny how we tend to think things stay the same forever and life never changes yet that truly is the ONLY constant: CHANGE.

To act as if we know it all and have all the correct answers… is to remain stagnant. Even the truth is always changing. The truths I believed in about life at 14 are not the same at 24, and they won’t be the same at 34.

The ‘humbling’ doesn’t feel like sunshine and rainbows at the start, it actually fucking hurts lol. Like damn can I breathe?! But then time goes by and we give it enough thought. We review what went wrong, what we could’ve done better, what we actually did do well, and we learn.

I like to laugh about it because in the end, the humbling is but a moment of unease that is shaping our lives into exactly what we truly wish it to be. Even if those moments are filled with grief, pain and sorrow, they accumulate and become the wealth stored within our hearts. We see clearer, we can evolve past the version of ourselves that we were yesterday.

Some won’t agree with me on this (and feel free not to 😊), but I like to believe that some part of us creates the occurrences that happen in our lives… for us to unlock or remember a particular energy we possess. For those occurrences that we don’t create, we DO create how we respond to them. For me, taking responsibility for whatever happens for me in my life has been such a big curse AND blessing, because now I know that I always have the last say in what I am willing to accept in my life. I can always choose to change the narrative of my story, my perception, and how I respond.

With my most recent humbling, the ways in which i view love and work ethic are totally changing. I’m beginning to understand which spaces I take up and why. Also, this platform is going to change, so heads up.

Thanks Universe. That shit hurted 🥲 and still hurting, but it was definitely worth it. I accept the lessons and let go with ease and grace.


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