• Etiange D.

Things are Changing... Magic is in the Mundane

Something pretty big is in the air... and I really like it. I like it because one of the main observations I have been noting is, no matter how I try to apply outdated ways of thinking or being, it can't come with me any longer. It's no longer a fit for where I'm headed in my journey.

It's kind of like cycles of karma are ending and even the Universe won't let you get left behind. I sort of feel as though this energy brings an air of dreaming big and being trusting enough to know that what's meant for you can absolutely come true.

A fog is being lifted and clarity is returning.

For a long time, I felt I was always in limbo. I still feel that way to be honest, and I kinda think it's on purpose. I only say I'm in limbo whenever I focus too much on results. I think back to when I was a kid, where I made exponential progress in my field of creativity. I could say it was because I didn't have any responsibilities... but in my case it was quite the tricky one. However, I'd say it's because I never really focused too much on the results of what I was doing, but rather, how I feel in the moment I'm doing them.

How present am I within this so called 'limbo'? It's it really limbo or am I just giving a name to what is actually the mundane?

I think it's the Universe playing a funny joke. Naturally I like to premeditate the results of my actions so I don't make any mistakes. I like to look ahead into the future, to see the whole picture of what I want. But often times, that makes me want it now. And when I want something, I tend to become a little delusional about the work that needs to be done to get it. Sometimes, I envision magical occurrences happening that will lead to those dreams. It's pretty arrogant lol.

The joke is that, when I look back, all those times where I was expecting something fascinating to occur that would lead me to the place where I wanted to be, I was avoiding the mundane. Running from the daily work it takes to manifest something real. The joke is that my magic lies within the mundane... the daily details that create my life, my story. It's not limbo. It's manifestation nation. It's the waiting room, where you could sit there and be bored, or find the toy station and start playing with toys, pick up a book from the bookshelf in the corner, or make conversation with the person sitting next to you.

It's patience, perseverance, focus, and determination. Something I didn't have for the longest time. But it's why I feel like a cycle has ended... because now, it's all I have.

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