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Three-Year Hiatus and... She's Back! Better Than Ever.

Well guys, my blog is making a comeback and I'm actually really excited about it.

Three years ago when I first made this blog, I didn't really know what the heck I was doing with it. I mean it's probably because I had no idea about myself. I was 20 years old, not quite ready to put myself out there in this way because I was still trying to 'find' myself.

Which is why I'm laughing to myself because my spirit always knew what I was about... my ego had to catch up!

Now, at 23, I can finally say this space is ready to flourish and be cultivated in ways that, to be honest, I don't even know what I'm in for but all I know is that the little girl in me is excited to be following through. There's a whole book of thoughts and things I want to be able to share with the world, and this is my space to do so. What stopped me in the past was the fear of this not 'making it' or people not giving a shit about what I write.

But the one thing that stops me from doing a lot of what I am actually capable of, is me caring about what others think.

So, with that being said, I'm not here to please or to appease to the crowd. This space is made for those looking for others on the same journey. Let's get into it.

I spent a lot of those 3 years trying so hard. Too hard lol, this shit is supposed to be chill. It's supposed to feel good. I'm not saying that there aren't obstacles and challenges to be faced and overcome. However, we didn't come to Earth to be in a constant state of despair and lack and suffering. While this exists, it is all fluid. Changeable. I've had my chapters of suffering and heartbreak, as well as my chapters of success and blessings. It's all fluid, it's painful, but also rewarding. The pain is necessary, otherwise we would not know and value the blessings when they arrived. We wouldn't appreciate them while they were here.

A quote I heard my Vedic Astrology teacher say: "Happiness does not equal acquisition. Happiness equals consciousness."

A huge part of transforming my life did not come from all the places I've traveled, people I've met, connections or money that I have made. It didn't come from the schools that I've graduated from, the grades I kept, or the opportunities I have obtained. The transformation began when I became AWARE and CONSCIOUS of the essence of who I am, in every single moment and connection. Who I was in the past, who I am today, and who I will be in the future. All of these versions of myself are the same person, and will be, no matter where I go or what I do. This awareness, this center point, is what allowed me to then be able to reevaluate the ways I've been moving in the world.

I've found myself jumping from place to place, wandering, lost and confused. In fact, as a Sagittarius stellium I'm going to constantly be confused (hahaha, if you know, you know). That's only because the ways in which I perceive life are changing. CONSISTENTLY. If we have ever crossed paths in life together, even if it was just for a moment, you know that the woman that you met me as, won't be the same woman that I am a day, week, month, or year from then. That's because the only consistent thing about me is that I am always seeking truths. Whether that be my truth, or yours, I am always seeking ways to incorporate the bigger picture. To understand. I can't attach to one way of being or thinking because there's BILLIONS of us on this Earth, and if I want to be able to hold space for everyone that means holding space for many different truths. Yes, it can be triggering, but to me it's important.

I'm on a journey to unify people together, despite our differences. I'm not here to divide. To play into narratives that further separate us as human beings. That is beyond the point when we all derive from the same Source. I'm about that Oneness.

That's why this website is called H3ART W0RLD. I love this world and all of its magic, despite it's darkness. I genuinely admire the lessons and blessings Earth has to give, and appreciate my time here. I want to share my inspirations, learnings, and findings with the world so that I can uplift and inspire others to create their own sacred relationship with this world too. As well as meet some like-minded and controversial people along the way. Let's get real.

Thank you for being here!

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