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Trusting in Your Process: Embrace the Unfolding of Your Specific Timeline

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my boyfriend while we were out on the boat.

We were talking about ideas for a home. I had always dreamt of having a home that was by the beach or cliffside, so I brought up that key element in when describing the way our ideal homes would look like. He was taken aback by the ambition of that statement at first, followed by, "You've got to have millions to get something like that."

I responded by saying, "Yes I know, and we will have millions by the time we're ready to create a home together." He responds, "You're right. We just gotta wait our turn. Our turn is coming soon."

The second he said that, I felt chills going down my spine. I have been looking at my life in a way that's so linear, and I honestly can say after the past year and a half, life does not work in such a fashion. When we think we are supposed to be in a certain space at a certain time in our lives, we lose the power that lies within the unfolding. You're supposed to be in college at 18. To graduate at 22. Get a job at 23 that brings "security" and wealth. Create a family by 27. Retire at 65.

All these false structures birthed from the comparison of one persons life to the next. A false blueprint of the way life "should" be lived instead of trusting that the way YOU choose to live your life is exactly what you should be doing, for your own development. When there's no one around you to validate you for the choices you make, it can feel pretty lonely, confusing, isolating, and frustrating. Questions like, "Why am I not at this level yet?" , "How come it's taking me so long?" , or even, "What are they doing right?/What am I doing wrong?" are more than likely to come up. However, when they do, do me a favor and respond like this, "My journey is my own, and I trust in it's unfolding. I am exactly where I am meant to be. I respect the unfolding of my journey."

I have always had this fear of "being behind". What is that even??? LOL. I laugh because there's no actual timeline to follow. Society's portrayal of time has taken so much away from the quality of life that we are creating. Trust me, you have ALL THE TIME, you could ever possibly need. There's enough time to achieve all that you wish. It's about the quality, the presence, the potency of intention that you carry, within this time capsule. Are you creating to just pump out product? Or are you creating to impact, inspire, uplift, destroy, reform, etc.? What quality are you adding to your life and others?

Trusting in your process and timeline, I feel, requires a deep self-awareness that can only come if you actually spend time with yourself and release the need to follow, receive validation from, distract yourself with, or consult with others. Of course, there's a time to do just that, but there's also a time to really go inward. With social media nowadays, there is a shitload of energies out there trying to tell you what you should or should not be doing at this specific time. People post only what they want you to see (which are usually achievements) vs. posting the entire story and process. Things can be edited and shared just to tell stories. The process is a special, private phenomena that is yours, and yours ONLY. We can choose to invite people in as it's happening, experience it ourselves and never tell a soul, choose to fully integrate it and use that process as a vehicle for creation, and so much more.

It's important to note that certain energies within you may not be unlocked or accessed until you've reached a certain point in your development. While that energy IS always there, it doesn't always mean you are ready to wield it properly. What's the rush if we have forever to go? Learning to let go of false narratives implicated by exoteric suggestion and embracing your own esoteric alignment allows you to be able to see that there is always a time and place for the dreams we are calling and claiming for our lives. Discerning the difference between the two is always going to be a dance, however, I feel that inevitably it becomes stronger over time. The challenge is in the fine tuning of the mix between your will, your spirit, and the unfolding of the Universe/God in your life.

You are EXACTLY, where you are meant to be. You have the will to make the changes necessary to ascend or descend the spiral of life. You have the power to make changes in your life that will open new timelines or repeat old ones. Despite what others are doing, YOU are creating the quality of life that you feel you deserve! Allow the weight of that to sit in your bones. Not to weigh you down, but to recognize how it always began with you. It ends with you. What quality of life are you creating for yourself/adding into the lives of others?

Trust that all that you have done so far, are doing, and will do, is leading you to your own fulfillment, your heart's desires.

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