• Etiange D.

We Are in Relationship to Everything

The saying, "We can only control the way we react and respond..." comes to mind.

I often wonder why humans want to connect so much. We create apps to close gaps. We take pictures of the things we enjoy to share with others or even to capture the feelings of the moment. We call our friends and family from thousands of miles away, checking in and sending love. We sit out by the trees connecting to nature, breathing in everything around us.

We are meant to learn. To understand. I believe that life is not just about moving through the motions, being codependent on this higher power… life is about the balance. Your relationship to all things.

Food. Music. Art. Everyday tasks. Your neighbor. Your friend. Mom. Dad. The flowers blooming or dying in your garden.

A lot of people are afraid of taking on the responsibility that comes with following your heart… shoot it can be scary! To listen to your heart, to release fears of the unknown… fears that our family before us may have taught us. And they most likely didn’t even know it!

Back then we are taught to rely so heavily on an outside force. To dim ourselves down into thinking we don’t know what our lives are supposed to be like.

After chatting with so many people I’ve come across in my daily life, I am starting to believe there is a shift in people. People are awakening to finding their true stream of happiness versus doing what everyone else has told them happiness is supposed to look like. After having all that we were working towards be stripped away from us, we are rebuilding our foundations on stronger ground: the things we love with our true hearts.

Your true foundation will always remain the same… no matter how life has sharpened or toughened your exterior. No matter how far away you stray from what your heart really desires.

People can be so good if we give them a chance to. No one is going to get it right, and yes unfortunately we have those that have fallen so far from the path, they are willing to take people with them too. We are all working with the cards we’ve been given, as well as we are all seeking to be loved.

Extend some grace to everyone you meet. We are all learning to listen to our hearts more, and to block out the noise that takes us away from honoring that relationship.

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