• Etiange D.


Updated: May 1, 2021

Hello friends! Thanks for taking the time out to visit my page. I'm a little new to this blogging world but I'm a bit excited to see where this all takes me. Excited to grow with all of you! I genuinely just want to share and create a space for people to openly explore new beliefs, to challenge themselves, and to be inspired to live their best life in all areas; spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This page is welcome to anyone and everyone. I invite those who are curious, free-thinking, and boundary-breaking to a space where self expression of thought is honored. There is so much knowledge within ourselves as well as around us that we've been taught to undermine and dismiss, and I believe the world is in need of a little light and love. Thanks for joining me and I hope I can create a space for everyone to get to know each other and express themselves freely while learning more about themselves/self-improving!

We're in a day and age where connection with others is at an all time high, you can literally make friends from anywhere around the world. Information is passed along within seconds, you can be in Australia and still remain up-to-date about your friend Angela in California. We're also lucky to have so much information at our finger tips, but now it comes down to how we use it. I think we, the Human race, have become tremendously distracted from the real world, I'm not going to lie, I myself have been quite disconnected for a long time. But it's for this exact reason why I'm creating this space. I want to initiate a dialogue, encouraging free thought, encouraging people to honor their highest and truest selves, and to encourage people to return back to the one thing that's true in this world: unconditional love. For yourself, as well as your family, friends, neighbors, the entire world.

I believe that the world does not need to be what it is today, and it is only because we lack knowledge. Many of us are stuck behind walls that were mounted for us by a central government, and it affects all areas of our lives, from our dieting, to our mental health, even the cycles of life we live. I am asking everyone who enters this page to question everything. From what you've been taught, to what you see on a daily basis. On this website I'm going to be including a multitude of things that, I can only hope, will inspire you to hone in on what's true for you. Ask yourself if this is the life you want to create, the world that you want to live in. Now, what do you want to do to change that?

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