• Etiange D.

You Want a Wild Woman/Man? Get Ready for your Ego to Break

Independent woman/man, wise woman/man, unshakable, unbreakable.

Witch. Do you know that witches were only called witches because their wiseness triggered the fears of the infantile human, the ones who haven’t the bravery to embody and reach their fullest human potential?

A witch was actually a woman who thought for herself. Same with a wizard. Men and Women who have detached from the illusions that ‘groupthink’ tends to weave within the collective. Men and women who have come to trust not only in their own compass but have become familiar with the tools to manipulate and exert energy, intention and will in ways that are aligned with their true heart and the truth of nature. No matter what the stakes were.

Today witches and wizards are terms for fantasy and fiction… Yet there are still people who roam the Earth referring to themselves as such.

I wonder sometimes. Thinking on the history of such a word… even to this day it triggers fear in people. Us Humans are so scared of the unknown. We try to control everything just to feel secure. To know everything and make sure that we have all our ducks in a row so that, if there were ever something that happens to us, we would have already come up with a way to bend it in our favor.

But, thinking you know everything is a short and arrogant step away from playing God. Thinking you can control and bend things to your will is quite a boastful thought. You think you can disregard the power of Nature? You are in for a treat.

People are scared of the power and responsibility that comes with embodying your True Heart/True Nature. It’s become normalized. We live in a society that bombards us with sooo much information on who to be, where to be. The fear of missing out, or fear of being judged, ridiculed, and ostracized from the group tears us away from the love of being embraced, accepted, and valued from OUR group.

It takes courage, to be yourself in a world where you are taught to be someone else. To fit in a box. To disregard the signals and feelings in your body. To detach and disregard what makes you special and unique. It breaks my heart.

Watching all the ways in which society (and the matrix) slurps up the fears of its inhabitants and uses it for their own pockets… it’s strange.

When you are on your journey to reconnecting to your true heart/true nature, get ready to trigger those who are afraid of what you are beginning to embody. It’s not an easy journey, but the road is, at least to me, the most FULL-FILLING. Filling up your body, mind and soul with truth, with love, with God. Faux Spirituality will disguise it as ‘manifest anything you want!’ ‘wear this crystal for this!’ Yada yada. There are so many ways in which this world is trying to misguide you and separate one another from seeing clearly. The Wild Woman and Men of the earth simply embody all that we are afraid to embrace/embody.

Catch yourself the next time someone is telling you that you should do something… do YOU actually believe it? Or are you doing it because everyone else is? Did you do research for yourself? Did you access the knowledge on your own? Or are you just being force fed?

In this moment of herstory, we all seem to be intelligent. We all seem to have the answers. Telling people what to do for their lives rather than trusting that they’ve already got those tools within them to navigate their OWN experience. Rather than encouraging them to tap into their feminine nature (whether man or woman) and trust the feelings they feel are valid. As well as tapping into their masculine nature and complementing their feelings with their own intelligence. Doing the work it takes to get in touch with our emotional, mental, and physical body is such an important step in the balancing of the currently imbalanced world we live in today.

Let’s get out of this codependent, mindless cycle. Let’s stop trying to control what we don’t know, and rather, let it wash over us. Let it rattle our bones and swim through our streams until we DO know. Let’s not be afraid of our potential so much so that we hide behind our limitations. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to trust yourself. Do not be afraid of the Wild Woman/Wild Man, because they are only triggering the parts of yourself that holds you back from your own wild nature. Let your Ego be shattered so that you can build a new, healthy relationship with it.

Allow yourself to be all that you desire to be.

Love you all,


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